- Restaurant Café Sud -

Gilles Pudlowski's blog
(Gastronomic columnist)

"Paris 8e: like a ray of sunshine at Café Sud

Wines & Gastronomy

"This chic and cozy table frequented by cohorts of businessmen and serial shoppers has great ambitions."


"A foodie friend of mine wanted me to discover this chic-looking establishment... A real good table!"

Philippe Couderc - Le Nouvel Obs

"There is no desire for adventure today in this house, which has both a nice setting and a nice kitchen..."

Gilles Pudlowski's blog

"This table is an enigma: unknown to the media, with zero press articles listed, it is nevertheless listed in the Michelin guide (with a fork), which recommends it for its clean setting and its clean, beautifully southern flavors..."


"Near the Madeleine and the Grands Magasins, here is a bistro that is on the rise, frequented by a business clientele and regulars..."